GEO N643D with QHD063D Ball Head

  • Lightweight, durable tripod with strong carbon fibre legs and magnesium body
  • Includes aluminium ball head (QHD-63D) with quick release plate
  • 2-section centre column features lever-lock system for quick height adjustments
  • Split center column enables low-angle and semi-low-angle positions
  • Two-way adjustable leg tips provide metal spike or rubber feet options

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A new generation of GEO Carbon Fibre tripods from Velbon

Velbon’s new GEO-series tripods feature a unique Carbon-Fibre and Basalt composite material which provides added strength and rigidity, offering far greater resistance to the bending or crushing forces which may be applied when supporting heavy loads. The use of Magnesium-alloy for construction of the body allows the tripod to be exceptionally light weight, whilst providing superior strength and durability compared with conventional plastic and aluminium bodies. The legs feature a special spiral-etched surface which allows for smooth, fast extension, and a unique Lever-Locking system for quick setup and maximum stability. Furthermore, each leg is fitted with an adjustable two-way foot, providing a choice of rubber for general purpose, and spiked for ice and uneven ground. Velbon’s unique new centre column quick-release lever allows fast adjustment of column height, and the two-section centre column can also be split for low-level shots, making it particularly useful for macro photography. Padded neoprene leg grips allow pain-free carrying of the tripod on the shoulder and provide insulation from otherwise cold leg materials when shooting in cold weather. Velbon GEO series tripods are supplied with a multi-purpose leg pouchette, which can be used for comfortable shoulder carrying, and as a stone bag for added tripod support in windy or unstable conditions. Additionally, the inclusion of a hook at the end of the center column provides a further option for a camera bag or weight bag to be hung, lowering the center of gravity and providing greater stability. This feature can be vital in taking ultra-sharp photos.

Extremely lightweight yet remarkably sturdy, the Velbon GEO E643D tripod boasts rigid 4-section carbon fibre legs and a durable magnesium-alloy body, providing a solid base for professional DSLR cameras and equipment. The use of these Carbon fibre and magnesium materials has resulted in a tripod that is a third lighter than a conventional aluminium tripod, which translates into a much lighter load while strolling from location to location. A good tripod should be simple to use, allowing less time to be spent on equipment, and more time concentrating on photography. The GEO E643D makes setting up easy with quick yet secure ‘Lever-Locking’ leg sections, and a new centre column lock for quick height adjustments. The GEO E643D also features adjustable angle legs for easy setup on uneven ground or steps, scratch-resistant neoprene grips and retractable rubber feet with spikes. The included QHD-63D Ball and Socket head features a 90 degree tilt slot, dual spirit levels and a built-in quick release plate. The tripod provides a maximum height of 165cm and can support 10kg of equipment, providing a stable base for heavy professional cameras and lenses.

Whatever your intended application or experience level – from amateur to professional – Velbon has the right tripod for you, with the added peace of mind that comes from its rich heritage. Photographers, bird watchers and videographers have been finding their perfect match and support from amongst the Velbon range of products for more than half a century.

Box Contains

Velbon Geo E643D Carbon Fibre Tripod With QHD 63D Head
Leg Pouchette/Stone Bag



Weight: 2.8 Kg

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