Samyang 24mm F1.4

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Samyang 24mm F1.4 Lens minimum focusing distance of 9.84″ for enhanced close-up shots. Ideal for landscapes, interiors, street photography, low-light photography and general photography.

Constructed with hybrid aspherical lenses for outstanding, sharply defined images.

Features the latest generation multi-layer anti-reflection ultra multi-coating (UMC) to minimise flare and ghosting.

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Samyang’s creative innovation impresses the world ever more

  • Extra low dispersion (ED)
  • Glass aspherical lenses (AS)
  • 8 pieces of circular aperture
  • Ultra multi coating(UMC)
  • F 1.4 wide apertures
  • Internal focusing(IF)

Samyang 24mm F1.4 ED AS UMC is a high quality, fast aperture, prime wide angle lens for full frame or APS-C sized sensors. It is ideal for full-frame cameras, constituting a high-quality wide-angle lens perfect for shooting street, landscape and architecture even in low light conditions. The sharpness if excellent, even at the edges of the frame at wide apertures, and the fast F1.4 aperture is able to give a narrow depth of field when needed.


Samyang 24 mm F1.4 ED AS UMC is a manual focus lens. The manual focus ring is wide, easily accessible and perfectly adaptable to most photographic applications. Accurate focus at very close distance or focus critical situations can be achieved through use of focusing in live view mode, available to most newer camera models. Furthermore the 24mm provides lovely bokeh (the character of out-of-focus areas), due to its design and fast aperture. Optical construction of the Samyang 24mm lens features 13 elements arranged in 12 groups, 4 of them low-dispersion glass (ED), and 2 of them aspherical. The 24mm is Ultra Multi Coated (UMC) for the best possivble light transmission, and reduction of ghosting and flare. Supplied with detachable petal shaped lens hood, lens caps and soft lens bag. Filter size is 77mm.


Available for: Canon EOS, Canon M, Nikon AE, Pentax K, Sony A, Sony E, FT, MFT, Samsung NX, and Fuji X.


Featured Details

  • Low dispersion
  • Low dispersion lenses decrease dispersion of unnessarry light so that make aberration little effectively.


  • Glass asperical lenses
  • The adaption glass asperical lenses reproduce aberration to get high quality image in center and edge of frame and excellent contrast.


  • 8 pieces of circular apertureThis lens is designed to have 8 pieces of circluar aperture so render beautiful buttery bokeh.

  • Ultra multi coating(UMC)
  • We apply the UMC(ultra multi coating) of our own technology to reduce flare and ghost as much as possible and get clear and fresh color image.


  • F 1.4 wide apertures
  • Smooth focal control gives you precise adjustment and also F 1.4 wide aperture gives you touching photography.


  • Internal focusing(IF)
  • The internal focusing controls focusing inside of barrels so that is so free from contamination of dust.


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Nikon AE, Sony E, MFT


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